The solutions to my problems took a long time coming. But they’re here. Gone, numerous leg problems. Gone, that total skeletal misalignment due to a lifetime of limping. Gone, that frozen elbow, low energy, unwanted weight, skin problems, rapid aging. Resolved, as well: the effects of these physical issues on my relationships and my finances.

About the Author

Journeys. Tonya Zavasta knows the long, hard road. From poverty to financial success, from hopelessness to superior health and remarkable youthfulness, Tonya knows problems develop not to get us down, but to lead us upward.

Zavasta has her feet planted strongly in hard science and her mind and spirit firmly focused on helping others succeed and indeed achieve the “impossible.” Tonya’s discovery: that the principles of quantum physics work not only for subatomic particles, but also for those big, uniquely diverse, gathering of particles we call human beings. Whatever your dreams, Tonya Zavasta believes you can get there…and she’s inspired with infinite enthusiasm to show you how.

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Had I only known then what I know now, I could have solved my problems years earlier. But I lacked the knowledge. It has taken a lifetime of reading, searching, musing, inspiration and wisdom to come to the right answers. And now, for you, I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve discovered, into this new book The Quantum Key: Transcending Life’s Trials.

These last seven years, I have read extensively on comparative religion, spirituality, philosophy and the quantum physics research. What I’ve learned was extraordinary: not only it is possible to solve all our problems, but there is a way to live without them. This book shows how.

Everything I present in this book I’ve tested on myself, achieving quite remarkable results in solving my most challenging life’s problems. Now I share it all with you, so you can start resolving yours.